Love Yourself

Nikkie Jay
2 min readJul 31, 2021
Photo by Giulia Bertellion Unsplash

Loving yourself is an important thing to do

It shows that you are capable of the act

If you can’t love yourself

How do you think others will react

I don’t mean for you to be conceited

Full of yourself in an egotistical way

But loving yourself opens you up

To loving others fully every day

Watch the way you speak to yourself

Think would you say that to a friend

Show yourself some kindness

Boost yourself daily because in the end

You will be able to find a way

To see the beauty inside of you

The light that shines from within

And colours everything that you do

In order to truly show others love

You must first be able to feel

The love for yourself is important

It’s what makes your love for others real

Remember it is important to give

As what you put out comes back

So if you can’t even love yourself

Your love for others will lack

Make time to celebrate who you are

To see your value on this earth

Remember you are unique

It’s time to understand your worth

Be open and let love in

Give blessings and be thankful right now

So see the how amazing you are

Allow the universe to show you how